Welcome to Join Our Creative Plazonne Family!
Innovative Education: Educational Handcraft Paradise

We lead the new trend in children’s entertainment, focusing on providing meaningful
educational experiences in our handcraft paradise. Through fun activities and inspiring
gameplay, we nurture children’s creativity and intellectual development. Become our
franchisee and join us in helping children step towards a successful future!

Comfort and Safety: Indoor Soft Play Paradise

We are committed to creating a comfortable, safe indoor soft play paradise, offering children
a space for free exploration and joyful growth. Join us to enjoy the support of a professional
team and first-class soft play facilities, creating a warm, vibrant gathering place for the

Operational Support: Co-create a Bright Future

As our partner, you will receive comprehensive operational support, including marketing,
training, and operational guidance. Our successful experience and brand recognition will
help you stand out in the competitive children’s entertainment market. Let’s co-create a
bright future together, bringing more happiness and growth opportunities to children!

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